Friday, April 28, 2006

Intervals with HSP

managed to reached Hougang Stadium 7pm as planned...however, din managed to catch anyone of them...i guess, all stuck on the road...met teelee who just started to train full time for AHM....patrick came cycling down from his home minutes later and we found other 2 new guys already running around......we went ahead for our warm ups and kickjazz with nemo manged to reached at about 7.30pm.......surprised guest from the North: James came to calibrate his foot pod and Fat Bom Bom appeared from no where to support us with ice cold 100plus!!! thanks buddy!! We did 6x400m....this time round, I was able to do a much better pacing than my last one with the ironmen which I punctured after my 5th. At least this time, I was able to start slower and ended the 6th one strongly........good company to train with....we had a good dinner at nearby coffeeshop before we head home at 10pm..... Shoes: Mizuno Wave Rider 8 Distance: 2.4km total Time taken: 8:56min total run time Pace: 3:43min/km Intervals details: 400m for 1:34min@3:55min/km 1:31min rest 400m for 1:35min@3:58min/km 1:32min rest 400m for 1:32min@3:53min/km 1:32min rest 400m for 1:28min@3:40min/km 1:31min rest 400m for 1:25min@3:33min/km 1:39min rest 400m for 1:22min@3:25min/km

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