Saturday, April 29, 2006

OMRON Pedometer HJ113

I have been eyeing this for quite a while. Very interesting piece of device that counts your steps....more interesting with this new model is that it makes use of advanced accelerometer technology which is used in footpod of distance/speed watches like NIKE tailwind, NIKE V10 or Suunto T6.... As such, there is no need to adjust sensitivity unlike other pedometers in the market and also it does not rattles as the rest which makes use of swing pendulum. Managed to find it hiding behind the pharmacy counter at guardian and got one for myself....... Very easy to operate device...I just throw it into the pocket and it just works after first 4 sec of continuous walking. On special features is the aerobic walking recorder which if the user was walking for more than 10 minutes of 60 steps per minute, these steps will be counted as aerobic steps..... unfortunately, there is no start and stop so i have to record the start steps of aerobic at the start of the run and know the steps at the end and see the differences multiply by the stride length to get the distance... but still.....a cheaper alternative to distance measurement sport computers from NIKE or POLAR......


Anonymous said...

Hi! could you tell me what is the price. As for stride length, did you assume your own average. Sorry, goondu question - measure front of one foot to the back of the other foot as stride length?

run to live said...

Sorry...pls identify yourself


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