Monday, April 10, 2006

Sgrunners BG run

thanks renoh for this map woke up at 5am in the morning due to the heavy splashing of thunderstorms.....supposed to be pickup by alvin at 6.15am...not so sure...from past days experience, the rain should stop and the sun should be out by i continued to prepare and wait for alvin to arrive. after picking up meteor, alvin drove us down to SMU...we are the first to arrived and we thought the turn out for this run will be bad......but brokie's car came after us with bee and cosmic....and more and more vehicles and runners the end, we got a huge turnout of about 25 runners.... renoh and brokie led the run and we went thru botanic garden -> minden road -> tanglin mall -> orchard road -> istana -> upper bukit timah road -> newton -> back to smu....
a total of about 16km according to polar for pod for about 1hrs 58min including water, toilet and photo taking stops....... a good long and easy run for me...defintiely my longest so far this year..... cheers to sgrunners

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Renohtaram said...

good run! :) u'll be upping ur mileage soon?


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