Saturday, April 29, 2006

2nd MR run

Managed to get Bug, Run3 and Ken down for my 2nd week of MR run.... Very nice weather in the sun and cooling but the ground was still wet from yesterday rain......we can still the heavy mist at the golf course. We decided to do one full 10.5km round which is the standard round for MR25 Ultramarathon. As usual, Bug went off in, he was trying his very beautiful Merrell trail shoes which is new from US.......very light shoes (but still ehavier than my Salomon XA Pro 3D...heee)... I try to keep pace with run3...and as normal...she went off pretty fast for the start and i got problem catching up..... We reached the ranger station at about 26:30min which was quite fast for i normally hit there for 27++min running 500m less. took a quick 1min break and went off again...met Sotong along the way We bash thru the cordoned off area to do the usual route and came into the golf course strongly....Run3 surged ahead and i just maintained my pace....after the killer hill, Run3 startd to slow down a lot....still got a lot of energy on my legs....but still aching from my last interval, i decided to follow her pace behind her back all the way to the end.. Run3 and myself finished our 10.5km run at about 1hr 04min with a pace of about 6:01min/km....a good pace to maintain...normally did 1km at this really running fast....met mythos and jennifery who just arrived and startd their run. had a not so good mee siam at the hilltop cafe before we part our ways I will be back again maybe 2 weeks later.... 11150 steps

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