Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Sunrise Run at Bedok Reservoir

Now is the time of the year when the sun rises early......6:30am at the already not total darkness....rays of lights from the rising sun can be seen at the far sky.... It has been a few weeks ever since I did a morning run ...and at bedok reservoir catching the sunrise...... It was a cool morning and the reservoir is already filled with runners, joggers and walkers....feeling wierd after few weeks of not running on this surface....did a slow easy one for the first run.......but the body does not seems to warm up easily...hit the end of 1st lap by the usually 23++min...... suddenly, there is this man in black came out from the pavement in front of me going at a very quick pace....he looked to be running very efficiently and relax despite his attire...he was wearing a black tee with a black trackpants with his windbreaker tied at his waist....a big waist pouch was also hanging on his backside bouncing up and down.....the sound of coins and keys in the pouch was pretty loud...he was on his earphones...must be listening to some heavy music from the riddle of his strides..... I caught up with him steadily and tried to overtook him....but i found the pace a bit too nice to follow and ran along side for the next kilometer...he began to pick up his pace..then i realised he is near the end of his run so i let him go.....i guess, we must be running at sub-5min or even near to 4:30min/km pace.......i slowed down to recover after i let him go and struggled back to the end with a good timing......managed to do an astonishing sub-5min/km for the last lap of wonder i almost vomitted after i ended.......a good run this morning....just hope i am able to maintain the consistency of at least 3 runs per week..and i should be good for AHM in end aug. Shoes: Mizuno wave Rider 8 Distance: 8.6km Pace: 5:13min/km Time Taken: 44:52min laps: 2.4km for 13:19min@5:33min/km 1.9km for 10:22min@5:27min/km 2.4km for 11:40min@4:52min/km 1.9km for 09:29min@4:59min/km 8 chinups

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