Saturday, April 22, 2006

Back to basics

Finally get to go back to nature for a little run on a wonderful sat morning....back to where I startd whe i kicked off my wild running hobby 2 years back.....decided to go back to my basic 9.5km run at macritchie.... I have not been running consistently and the most twice a week run only for the past 3 weeks...which is not a good have been dropping and luckily not very much.... arrived at macritchie at about 8am and found a big crowd preparing for a charity walkathon...waited 10min for Mark to arrive before the started off the run comfortably....The rest of the kakis are either patohing overseas or busy with their stuff.....but at least I managed to get one down to have a good run with.....we reached the landslide blocked off area and decided to do a longer detour route..... As I was running the trails..i could felt the strain coming in at the golf course...look like i need more MR runs in coming weeks... We finished off the ran of about 10km for 1hrs 5min which is faster than we expected...and I think I will have to head down here for a run at least for the next 4 weeks......we had a washed up and went of to UTR for Mac breakfast before we went back home for a good rest

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