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Trail Shoe Comparo - the unfinished RUN - TNFA50BOA review

As mentioned HERE, The 4 Ts(Taz, Teelee, Tekko, Trencen) and Ayin went for a sat morning run at MR...but unfortunately, a small accident happened...Since, a brief account is already mentioned HERE, HERE and THERE...I will not go into more details but to do a brief review of the first version for TNFA50BOA (The North Face Arnuva 50 BOA)....


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HERE I did a short writeup on this shoes when it is first released here a year I make it very brief

Pros: This shoes is light and well cushioned for hard ground as we ran thru the golf course...I do not see any issue using this shoes for the road....the BOA lacing is simple and convenient..The shoes is actually quite flexible

Cons: One major issue with this shoes is the fit...the upper is actually bigger and wider than normal shoes of the same size...and because it is using the BOA lacing system, there is actually a limit on the adjustment for the fit(BOA does not means it is good). Because of this, the plastic cage is unable to hold my feet well...My feet was "swimming" in not to say became very unstable actually...The traction as someone has commented is not fantastic compared to my Salomon XA Pro 3D.....One important thing that it lacks for trail running is a good toe cap toes got rammed into the trunk once and luckily, no harm done....

Recommended for: Neutral runners who clocked high mileage on the road and light trails which is free from big rocks and big trunks...and maybe fire also runners with wider feet that need a 4E on normal running shoes

Not Recommended for: Technical Trail and those feet that does not even requires a 2E for normal running shoes

Post note: The first release actually made a big hoohaa because of the fantastic marketing effort by TNF using Dean Karnazes' 50 marathons in 50 states in 50 days 2 years back...It is actually a good pairs of shoes with many good technology, unfortunately, the cons are just unforgiven for most runners (I did hear a lot of complaints about this shoes actually)....However, after digesting all the feedbacks from runners, TNF made major changes to the original design in this year release which are out on the shelf this week at Suntec TNF shop, Running Labs and Outdoors...lets hope they really make improvement to all the cons from the first pair

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