Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The ForBidDen KingDom

OK....I admit, I dun watch a lot of movies.....maybe not more than 5 per year....some years...not even one.....supposed to run last nite but due to some unforeseen circumstances, I got dragged to Grand Cathay for the double J movie....$6 per head is very cheap nowadays at one of the newest cinema hall in Singapore

2 ageing kungfu master, 2 pretty faces and a young kiddy ang mo is indeed a wierd combination....what makes it more wierd is a "chinese kungfu" movie character speaking English!!!...and even more wierd sounding are the translation of chinese verse and words into english!!..... "One mountain cannot have two tigers".....

I must say....i totally enjoyed the shows because of the wierd things in it and the fighting scenes......not the kind of movies you get to see everytime.........something refreshing indeed

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roentgen said...

Hey Taz, I thoroughly enjoyed the movie as well. Had a fun time laughing at the awkward use of english in the movie, but overall, the fight scenes and the plot were good in my opinion. The audience here in the US definitely enjoyed it :P


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