Wednesday, April 23, 2008

lousy swim doesnt mean slow swim......

The sky was glommy when I stepped out of office....then raindrops keep falling on my head as I walked to catch the bus....based on observation of the wind and the was just passing shower and I got it the time I reached the entrance, it stopped

As per last week, a big group of life saving course swimmers were sitting at the grandstand listening to some lecture...the tall one, the GP teacher and babu was in teh class occupying the 3 lanes......there was about 10 swimmers when I arrived but by 8pm, I am the only "public" swimmer around.....the life saving course din came down to the I have 5 lanes to myself

The pool was so clean that I almost can see from one end to the other......unfortunately, it was a bad swim day......I do not seems to be able to warm up my engine....I was swimming "without feeling the water" a result..cannot feel fatigue nerve system seems to go haywired.....I was struggling to fight against the water

I decided to went ahead with my laps.....first 10 laps, I finished in 13:16min.....that was fast considering the condition I am in.....still stuggling and I tried to swim slower......finished the second in faster somemore......i wanted to stop but something inside me ask to continue.....i went ahead with a struggling stroke......and I was surprised I finished the last 10 in 13:08min! even faster than my first 2...and probably my PR for finished 1.5km in I also clocked my fastest 1km swim so far at 26:31min

I took a rest and continued to do some slow swim.....normally, by now, I should warm up...but the same numbness feeling is there...nothing seems to be right.....

worst of hip dun feel good....

Because of my hip, I decided to rest 2 days after my last sunday swim and stop doing my tuesday run....i thought swimming supposed to be non-impact.....but after every swim, my hip seems to get worst...and after every run, it seems to recover.....maybe I should run more

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