Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Restarting my run again..........

Last week, I only did one 4km at buangkok field....My lower back felt more painful after the run...I decided, injury must have I went down to my usual TCM shop to do Ba Guan....and managed to recover within 2 days.

So once there is no pain by thurs, I went for a swim on friday to test pain or odd feeling...and i did another swim last sunday in the rain....because the pool will be quite empty...hahaaaa

I actually wanted to restart my run yesterday morning...but I woke up and just lazy to changed up and went back to my I thought, I will run last nite after work.....unfortunately, rain came...and stopped after I finished my dinner (i usually dun take dinner if I going run first) this morning, I determined to move my feet again

ran the first round of 2km quite fast.....11min flat....then I changed direction and started to pickup speed.....push a bit faster when I hit the 1km mark and finished in the time of 9min 35sec.....not bad for a re-start....last week low mileage injuried week is a good break as well

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