Saturday, April 19, 2008

Free my Feet Run

Due to Some reason and thanks to P and Swoosh again...I got in my hands a pair of shoes to free my feet! In fact, I got the one that enable my feet to be most free compared to other models.....Nike Free 3.0:


This shoes....meant for training and not running as warned....but...a curious me decided to use it for my run....I decided to run along my favourite tempo least the first 3.0km is if the first 2km is no good, I will just U-turn back...if OK, I will carry on with rest of the hilly 3.0km

I was actually given half a size bigger than my usual size: US12.5.....but when compared to my size US12 elite, it was almost the same...I guess this is meant to be snug fit to the toes....but space means I can use it for my longer runs

P commented that this shoes has really minimum fact, very very close to barefoot and able to feel the ground...but when I first slipped into is not true...In Fact, I actually find it quite cushioned....and it can never beat this of my:


The first few hundred metres did felt compared to the swoosh really 2 extreme ends of shoes I and running in....i expect to find my landing steps to be unstable but it is fact....comfortable I got smoother and the shoes is really light....i suspect, I can even run 10km or more in it......but I really doubt how long it will long before something falls apart....

Anyway, I like this shoes and it will be part of my future runs....the sole is WHITE!!


and this is qhat happened after just one run....actually quite clean lar


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