Wednesday, January 09, 2008

to the east accidental LSD

going to work has been quite low morale for me recently because of the future hanging in the air...suddenly feels something lacking....runs have been inconsistent and also lazy and short

A heavy rain right after lunch is giving some hope that it will stop after work for a nice colling run and it did......came back home by 7pm and went out of my house with my waterbag backpack but without the waterbag...i brought along my 750ml adidas water bottle and a change of clothes, money, ezlink and my hp...

I decided to do mroe than just running in loops....i head out without any clue where to go...hit a traffic lights and just cross...very soon, i found myself heading towards old tampines road

i keep myself running slowly and took a 2-3min once i hit a junction....running along old tampines road is like running away from flats, just beside a road with low but fast traffic......headed into the industrial park and came out to hit IKEA and GIANT...i was still feeling OK as i proceed on to hit pasir ris...running along drive 12 and hit the long drive 3....rested whenever i hit a red light at junctions....untl i hit downtown baldder need to empty to went in for a short toilet break before i proceed..

it will be park connector all the way to changi from here.....i was thinking if i can hit changi village for dinner.....after passing the right knee started to act.....the pain started to come in....old imbalanced running has caused it and i have yet to find out why but at least today, i have stretched further before it gets up...i guess, i need to revert back to run/walk if i need to go longer for LSD....

at the upslopes towards loyang ave, the pain got worst and i decided to stopped at loyang point for dinner before heading a pity that my body is still able to go but to cut short my run tonite.....changi village roti john, probably next time

at least....i found back something that i lack in my life

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