Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Hunting for the right shoes

Adidas Adizero SN has been in my shoes rack for about 1.5 yrs...clocking more than 700km nad even a piece from the outsole has came out from my last long long run....So it is time to look for a replacement for my long run when i recover

Someone was discussing with me regarding the difficulty to find a suitable replacement for adizero SN. This shoes has one of the better cushioned shoes with a good balance between light weight and forefoot far, feedback from friends using this shoes, they have not find a replacement for it and this shoes is no longer available locally

I have been searching and hunting for a suitable replacement for months....shortlisted a few probable choices: Saucony sinister and tangent 3, Nike air zoom elite 3 and are some of the few

I have tried waering Nike Air zoom elite 3 at the Nike boutique. Quite light n weight as it belongs to the performance lightweight stability category...the feet is great, the forefoot is roomy for me...and i can feel the air cushioned at the just that the first feel is that the midsole of shoes is a bit too stiff

Today, I happened to be at hougang mall so i took the cacne to visit sportslink at level 2. Brooks only sell in sportslink unfortunately, a retail shops that dun market the brand and sell at their shops with ignorant sales staff....and i must say this brand is underrated in Singapore....and so i went into the shop and ask for a pair of size US12 to try on


I must say the fit is good for me, the forefoot is surprisingly roomy for me as I always has the impression that brooks, being an american company produces narrower first impression is the weight, very light...feels even lighter than my adizero SN and air zoom elite i walked and hop around, i can feel the hydroflow cushioning system in the forefoot....yet it is low to the ground and the forefoot is flexible enough...the upper mesh makes the shoes very airy and good for quick drying when wet....too bad, got no chance to wear it for a test run first

I must say I have a very good feeling abt this SGD$141, the retail price is the cheapest among my shortlisted shoes....but then...will have to find some way to get it cheaper if i decided to get it later.....

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