Wednesday, January 02, 2008

1st run in the New Year with a New watch

Got a new watch on the very first day of 2008....Casio Sports PHY series STR-900:


This watch actually has the exact same functions as my current casio running watch STR-300, except for a more sleek design and also an electro-illuminator backlight


After resting for abt 2+ days, i decided to go for the first run in 2008....with my new watch....the after effect of the 40km on foot is still there.....causing aches on the lower part of the i decided to just for my "X-country" run round buangkok field

Reached back early so i decided to go compasspoint to grab my dinner first and visit the library for some magazines to read....

decided to hook up my old Salomon XA Pro 3D for a more protective and stable run on the uneven soft ground

Started slightly faster than last week....and i went faster on the second and last lap....

2km - 11:57min@5:58min/km

2km - 11:32min@5:46min/km

2km - 11:14min@5:37min/km

A good comfortable run...with a hard finish

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