Friday, January 04, 2008

wet grass run......

Ever since a sudden dropped of temperature and heavy rain has started to cause my nose to react.....throat started to get affect and not feeling good the whole day....but i need a run tonite...thinking of doing a LSD..

It was raining suddenly after lunch....low morale plus my throat feeling aircon also dunnoe what was not working at all....the stuff still air made my nose worst

But after i stepped out of office, no rain...floor is still wet...gurkha started running on the road....same as wed, i decided to head to compasspoint to get my dinner first before i head home to change

I decided not to push far and hard since my throat is not in good condition....i should stick to my buangkok field loops but adding 2 more loops to make it 10km on the wet grass

I keep telling myself to go slow to hit abt 12min loop...the first loop was a torturing whole body muscles are still hard due to long hours sitting in front of the computer....finished just nice at about 12min....second round started to get loosen up but breathing is no good.....ended up a little bit faster....

started to feel strain on the 3rd...bnut was surprised i came in much faster....and it was too fast so i decided to do just one more lap....and ended up going much faster than the third

2km - 12:07min@6:04min/km

2km - 11:51min@5:55min/km

2km - 11:36min@5:48min/km

2km - 11:18min@5:39min/km

throat did not feel that bad after the run.....hopefully it gets better tomolo....

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