Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Cutting down my 30 laps swim PB by 90s in 2.5mths....

About half a year ago in April, I posted about starting long swim since feb...I was then doing 30laps in 40:12min

2 months later in June, I cut down my 30laps to 37:00min

Another 2 months later in August...I tried out new techniques to my stroke and managed to cut my time further to 35:00min

Another 2 months has passed, in the last 2 months, still keeping to 2 swim sessions per week (Wed and Sun) I increased my swim distance to 50 laps.......I dun go for fast and tough swim because tuesday I would be in the gym so Wed my swim needed muscles will still be sore......and Sat is usually my long run and sunday swim will be slow but long for recovery of lower body from the previous day run and to increased stamina of upper body...

Today is a bit different....I din go gym yesterday but went for a run so my upper body is fully rested for the swim.....a strong swimmer was swimming beside me giving a bit of motivation to swim faster (although I am much slower than her).........I managed to cut down 90s off my previous best 2 months ago and hit 33:23min for 30 laps

The graph below shows the progression for my timed 1.5km swim from May....other swim sessions longer or shorter than 1.5km are not in...that's y the data are few on the graph

My graph

I hope I will continue to swim and make it part of weekly schedule to keep myself healthy


roonz said...

what a boomz swim!! heheh okie shan't be lame. btw she might be coming next week again!

insanetaz said...

wah! I think I better dun swim too near to her...wait kena kick by her power legs....I want to swim slow and long and not hard and short


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