Friday, March 23, 2007

My new Idol: Barefoot Ted

Happen to be searching some info on the web and i came across this blog of this amazing runner called Ted Barefoot Ted's Adventure i would say i am more than just impressed with his ability to run barefoot on all surfaces.....although nowadays he has been running with his vibram fivefingers or his huaraches or a combination of both Here is the posting of an interview he did on how he got into running barefoot: Vibram Interviews Barefoot Ted He was also a practitioner of POSE method which got him into such great shape with barefoot running. Maybe i should try what he has i am encountering the same problem of not able to train long enough for marathon. If only i can run like him....I will save a lot of $$ from my shoes purchases. and as i got bored in office, i went thru almost all his postings right from 2004. I think this should be the way human runs...back to the old primitive ways thousands of year ago when we roam the earth.....our feet are meant to run without shoes....what cushioning, stability, motion control? these actually makes us spent more $$ and caused more injuries...... "Run the right way and keep the injuries away" *I think shoes manufacturers going to hate me when they read this*


Tekko said...

In the good old days when human walked around barefoot, the ground was all natural. Nowadays, it is hard concrete, asphalt etc and worse, litters which are not helpful at all for the foot. So still better to wear shoes (with a proper sole)

Barefoot Ted said...

No Tekko

Modern roads are actually quite tame compared with what nature provides.

Rocky trails make pavement seem like cream. Granite is much harder than concrete.

No, learning how to run well and gently is what allows us to protect our feet and our body.

So, don't buy into the argument that the modern world is too harsh for barefooting. It just ain't so.


run to live said...

Hi Ted!

Thanks for dropping by.

Our feet are just too pampered by the cushioning of modern running shoes..


The natural ground contains more dangers and unevenness than our modern concrete and asphalt...that's y MR trail is actually a good place to build up your base.


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