Friday, March 02, 2007

Dr Romanov coming to town

Dr Romanov, who created POSE Method of Running which saved a lot of professional athletes career is coming to town. I have been quite admired by this technique...honestly, much more than ChiRunning because of the "simple" to understand drills and theory However, they look and sound easy but tough to execute, I guess that is the beauty of it. From testimonies, professional athletes who have successfully converted to POSE running took at a year to do it...a year of running without speedy and forgo timing and glory of winning Thanks to synergy Multisport, He is coming to town in easy April: POSE Running Clinic 31st Mar to 1st Apr 2007 7th Apr to 8th Apr 2007 POSE Triathlon Clinic 2nd Apr to 4th Apr 2007 POSE Coach Certification Programme Level 1 6th Apr to 8th Apr 2007 register HERE This is a rare chance for me to learn...however, I need a sponsors cos they are not cheap....$1k just for the clinic I guess, the professionals will need it more than me

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