Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Intervals with ironmen

There was thunder and lightning in the i was glad there is...which means weather will be good in the evening.. as expect, good weather....went over to the building across the road to hitch a ride down to Tampines Stadium for intervals with the ironmen..... I really own IM Chan this one cos i already wanted to come down 3 weeks back but due to unforesee circumstances, i only made it down finally today...... we actually reached early and the crowd is not in yet....there were the hardcore track runners chatting by while we waited for IM D to arrive....soon after IM S also came...... the plan is to do 8x800m intervals. one set of run+rest for 5min which means with a target of 3:30min (my target), i will rest for 1:30min before pushing for the next set.... I got no flats or spikes...but got to use my cushioned adizero SN for today's interval...and uncomfortable becos the cushoning is definitely too much for track...i will decide whether to get one more racing flat for track work in future (that is if i will be here regularly) After warmup, a few hardcore regulars came to joined us so we got about 7 runners started our first set.....we started out fast due to fresh legs and i slowed down while the rest push on....i came in last and did a fast 3:24min. I will leave out the boring details...for the next few set, i was maintaining a consistent pace but the rest was pushing faster and faster....due to unstable base fitness and long time never do intervals, i decided to stop at 5.....IM Chan stopped at 6 and a half due to right shin the end, one by one dropped out and left IM D and IM S running strongly to finish all the 8.....timing is faster and faster somemore...i think 2 more set also no problem for them After i stopped at 5, i took our my shoes and use the chance to feel the ground...i jog one lap barefoot and started doing some striding....Oh Man!! is good to be bare...movement is smoother and easy...finally, i paced the 2 ironmen for their last 200m......look like i got to barefoot more to train on the track next time... A good and satisfying run......i think it will take years for me to catch up with IM... anyway, they are ironmen...i am just a ALUman...soft and weak interval details 800m - 3:24min@4:15min/km rest - 1:34min 800m - 3:28min@4:20min/km rest - 1:31min 800m - 3:23min@4:14min/km rest - 1:27min 800m - 3:28min@4:20min/km rest - 1:29min 800m - 3:29min@4:21min/km

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