Sunday, March 25, 2007

1st East side run

The phone din still a full weekend civilian slept until nobody busy and woke up to attend a friend's wedding at meritus mandarin. all 8 ballrooms are occupied with 5 groups of wedding dinner... with a big shot parents, got 2 marine parade MP attended specially with announcement to acknowledge them dinner started late at 9pm food are interesting especially having a small serving of chatterbox chicken rice complete with rice, chicken and soup...but the original chef left and this taste normal (worst than the $2 chicken rice i ate every week at macpherson road) maybe due to too many functions, waitress' and waiter's service is knowledge of how food is serve, which cutlery to use...we did most of the serving ourselves in the end...and a lot ceramic plates hit the ground that nite (extra sound effects) food were terribly cold although the good taste can make me a bit happy but still cannot forget it..... if u let me rate against 5, i give 2/5. dinner ends at 11.40pm...i went out and found it was raining quite umbrella so i went a bit of training running to the the end, caught the 1st nite rider home and reached at 1am!!! +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Slept only 4hrs, i pulled my tired and hopeless body up to rush down to kembangan CC for eastside 1st time kbg_br a good turnout of 12 with SV cycling his roadbike equiped with 2 tennis racket and his pair of rollerblades......pace was tough with run, sprint, slow, walk.....we went along siglap park connector to bedok town park then cross to bedok park connector to reach bedok reservoir and complete 2/3 of it...reservoir was crowd with dragonboat race and other activities....went up the hill to snap a photo before we ran back along siglap park connector...... went a bit hard back and as we reached, we were greeted by our special guest from adidas....he had gave use a good picture about shoes selection, adidas technology and leaked an upcoming exciting shoes at the end of the year....TLR has booked a pair...i may too!! brokie brought her 2 free gift to play but i was too engross in shoes talk with our guest that din get to time then we had breakfast at a muslim kopitiam with prata's milo and mee before we ended off our session a good and tough run today.....still weak and struggling..........

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Anonymous said...

wat struggling and weak, you flew up the hill at bedok reservoir while I was the one struggling up leh !!!


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