Saturday, March 24, 2007

LAzy SAt

It's sat again...time flies like sec on the clock...blink of eye, i will hit 50 years old Some inside news saying that there is a need to serve the nation for a few hours today.. Hope the inside news is true...i planned to lazy at home for the whole day for the sms and announcement....hopefully will not be a drag lke last i need to attend a wedding dinner at orchard tonite wanted to run last nite...but the dark heavy clouds spoilt my nite again...the same happened on thurs nite....but it was a trick to test my desire to run.....dark heavy clouds came like end of the world....rain happily for an hour and the sky is completely cleared...arrrgghhh...obviously my desire to run is not strong at this moment So i woke up at 7am this morning to sweat....but i was in a fix whether to run long or tomolo i might go for a long the end, i settled for a super short one. just did a warmup of 2km....sweat is out....went up 15 floors of my floor followed by a 1.2km run...i decided to stop and head for 5 chinup and some stretching....headed home to clean up and nua at the kopitiam for breakfast and newspaper read... and till now and later....will be a lazy sat for me

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