Thursday, March 08, 2007

2nd Running lab run of the year

boss not and colleagues...7 of us sneaked to IT show at suntec after lunch....came back late.....but also managed to left office on time to funan sky was gloomy, but i believe it will be fine later...i was one of the first to arrived so i hanged ard other shops until more runners came The usual gang came ...the usual leaders not ard so tekko lead.....first time alvo and suzie came today run fort canning...walaus....i know is a tough i started with the back runners.....finally settled down o follow suzie pace....we just follow those who know the route and turn here and there....really wonder how many ronuds we went round fort canning as we go tot he peak and down....crossed a bridge over to clarke quay move towards liang court before turning into the riverside and ran towards great world city....u-turn at the main road and run back to the usual RL run start point. Did a great run that took 55:56min...i think abt 9km.... had a good dinner at funan food court with the guys before heading home to blog,....hahaaa happy 38 women's day

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