Monday, March 26, 2007

Monday Run to Khatib.....sign of recovery

skyskhatib13 legs felt itchy for a run the whole day....i must run tonite cos i ate too much today since yesterday already did 11km of eastern run...i was in dilema whether to do a short one of a longer run. went home right after 6pm, managed to start running at this time of the year, the sun went off pretty late so at 7.30pm, it was still quite bright...i decided that i need to get out of sengkang...i will head towards the north after for 36hrs from my last run which has a lot of rest and in between, my legs are still fresh so i decided to do a >10km to khatib. Saw a lot of runners running near the future sengkang sports centre...lands around there was blocked up...saw the sign saying that these are construction of a park...look like we going to have a big park here based on the URA blueprint. I turned to Jalan kayu and ran towards seletar camp...having thoughts of going by the quiet way with no traffic but int he end, i decided to run within the camp compound along the heavy traffic road with no pavement....i almost suffocated by the fumes...din expect to have so many vehicles runnign thru here... reached seletar reservoir dam at a decent pace....still got energy to look look see see...this place is very out of the civilisation yet u can see couples paktohing, driver nuaing by the water, families having pinic at nite, anglers....... after crossing the dam, i switched to running on the road...the pavement here to lower seletar park is badly maintained....i think one day, the plants will cover over the pavement completely.....tried to maintain a consistent pace and finally reached the big junction beside yishun stadium...still got energy to go a bit more to i cross over and ran along the main road parallel to the mrt line and reach khatib mrt.... As i reach khatib mrt, there was a big pasar malan along the road....I ended at the big cross junction at khatib mrt....suddenly, i smell something bad and rotten...then i found myself in front of the taiwan smelly tofu store!!! i slow down to walking pace and walk towards NTUC along the pavement...and these whole stretch was lined up with food stalls....Ramly burger, fried chicken, kebabs, sprng rolls, fried tapioca cake, fish stick, fries, curry puff, "sharkfin soup" drinks, thai coconuts, tako balls, fried bee hoon, taiwan i walk, my stomach started to make hunger came...quickly, i went in search for 100plus and dinner....brought a bunch of big banana home from the pasar malam home A satisfying run that shown signs of recovery....just need to keep my running regime consistent and continuous..... run details: route: SK->jln kayu->seletar camp->seletar dam->yishun stadium->khatib mrt Shoes: Brooks Maximus Total distance: 12.9km total time: 1hr 16min 41sec average pace: 5:57min/km lap: 3.7km - 22:31min@6:05min/km 3.6km - 21:15min@5:54min/km 4.6km - 26:39min@5:48min/km 1.0km - 06:14min@6:14min/km

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