Wednesday, March 21, 2007

A huge struggle...

I have not been posting for a week....cos i have not been running...having a struggle with my energy was all time low...tried and did a RL run last thurs....paced with a NJC boy whom has a lot of energy to ask me question but i was dying for oxygen as i tried to answer his question until i gave up and stop just 400m away from the end point yesterday was terrible, having headaches and body was like my 'qi' was trapped somewhere and was not flowing around my blood was clot somewhere and got numbness on my arms easily.... i got to shelf my 32 inch jeans back to my cardboard as my fat tummy has stopped me from wearing it comfortably.... i guess i need to get back to my exercise regime..... it happens that i got no program for the nite....i did not bring my gear for CBD run. Weather was great so i thought i try to run down to tanjong pagar again... i dun think i can run all the way like last year so i decided to do 10min run with 2 min walk break.... catch an early bus home an managed to start at 7pm to reach by 9pm sk2tjpg16km i took almost the same route as above except for certain part which i have to divert due to construction blockage...i struggled once i reached the 10km mark....i was exhausted when i reached kallang riverside and has to switch to 8min run when i reached esplanade........using my brain power....i managed to finish within was 16min slower than what i usually did last year.... The CBD gang is still there chatting and trying out the NIKE+...i tried also....quite impressed with the setup....finally someone came out with something like this....however, i do not support the idea of doing long run with music and also too much reliance on technology for a run.......this probably be my first and only try on this thing... thanks tigger for giving me a ride out of CBD to take bus let this be the start of my insane running again

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