Thursday, February 15, 2007

Valentine Day Run the annual Valentine's day but i still do my run....not feeling well the whole day actually...due to some last minute issue...only managed to leave office at 6.50pm..i was feeling sick and weak...thinking of going to the doc...but a good sweating walk from buangkok mrt to my house made me felt once i reached home...i changed up to my running gear and off i went out of the door... skfvbk65km i dun usually carry water bottle during run...i would prefer to use my water bottle pouch...but i am just plain lazy today to get the pouch i just went ahead with my bottle in my hands it was a cooling nite as i started at about 8pm....the water bottle seems heavy and i have to switch hands constantly to prevent my arms from getting running was heavy and tired as the unbalanced arm swing due to the water bottle disrupted my usual weight distribution.... keep trying to tell myself to go was until about 3km before my body get real warmed up then i started to go faster for the next 1.6km of up slopes The last 2km was a bit of struggle as it was also upslope all the way plus the strong headwind....causing a good resistance training..... Managed to finish the run in one piece at least with a decent timing on this lovely nite shoes: ASICS Nimbus VII total distance: 6.5km total time: 37:02min average pace: 5:42min/km lap: 2.9km -17:10min@5:55min/km 1.6km -08:41min@5:26min/km 2.0km -11:10min@5:35min/km

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