Saturday, February 10, 2007

Crowded MR run

I was late today due to my sleepy bowel not moving fast enough this morning....causing the run to start only at about 8.30am as usual JO went chionging at her fast pace for the whole MR loop, SL took the usually run to ranger station and back by the northern route while i tag along JJJ to ran the northern route to the clubhouse and back...the same 6km as last week..... This week MR was crowded with more runners from school compared to last week...we also met a few groups of visitors to the tree top walk including primary school scouts....but no monkeys at all unlike last week.... The weather was hot but the trail was cool enough for a comfortable run.....ran in at a much faster pace and reached the U-turn point about 1:45min faster than last week....rested only 3min this time before returning back to the start point......and this stretch was about 40sec faster than last week A good short run overall.....but my tummy seems to be growing with all the good food and lack of exercise...look like i need a twice dose of long run per week soon to burn it off..... SL got to catch an appoint so she left us after washup....JO suddenly suggested to go and find the famous BKT at Sim Ming Ave and our Food Adventure begins HERE

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