Sunday, February 04, 2007

Exercise Weekend

First time exercise for 2 days over the weekend.... Sat: I finally felt i was good enough to start a little run at MR. Reached at about 8am....there i found the place to be full of students....3 groups: SRJC who is having their annual X-country, caneoist and regular school runners training.... The weather is good and after so many days of no raining, i guess the trail should be good to i was walking towards the start of the trail at northern route, this caneoist kid in front of me was carrying a packet of cooked food towards his caneo when he was attacked by a monkey!! stupid idiot, first time come MR is it? i ask him to throw his food away for the monkey by he just refused and carry on running, the monkey already scratched a hole at the plastic bags....i really dunnoe what happened to him as he run and run with the monkey chasing behind. Started my run slowly and decided to do a 6km, 3km towards the club house and U-turn back.....along the way, i was cut by the students training for their run.....not very crowded by a lot of runners...i guess because of SRJC X-country at the other end, they have diverted their training to this side of the trail.....i started with my legs still tight and ache from thurs run....after about 10min, it was all loosen up.. rearched the club house at 23++min...took a little 5min break before i do the return trip....the return trip was full of down slopes so i tends to go faster and also due to the fact, my body has warmed up....finished in abt 22min.... Took a quick change and went for Mee Rebus at the cafe before heading home.... Reached home and got out of teh house immediately without rest......with full day f activities.....after appointment ended, took a small walk down the quiet amoy street: walk00 walk01 Reached a small park: walk02 walk03 turned around the park and saw the oldest temple in Sinagpore: walk04 and also found this barricaded building....the number is if it is the year it was built or just another 4D number....look like a mosque walk05 just beside the building and saw this shop selling China Moutai!! One fot he most expensive alcohol from China walk06 Reached Chinatown and saw this deco at the junction of Hotel 81: walk07 out f the Chinatown MRT and head on with the crowd...... walk08 Year of the Pig in 2 weeks time so Pig is the most outstanding deco including piggy bank: walk09 walked for 2hrs and was tired from the energy zapping and lack of oxygen walk with the huge crowd...went home and collapsed early Sun: After the morning activity, something just struck me that maybe i should go and dip water....the water have been cold and i was a bit worried...but something just pull me along.....i decided to go to GE, the most deserted public pool....i was just 100m away from the entrance when i felt droplets of water coming down....damn....when i just want to swim it came......but it stopped after a few min..... at 2pm, i went into the complex and changed and saw the olympic pool having only 2 swimmers...i thought what happened or is it closed.....i observed around and seems to be i just dip into the cold water and no one stopped! only 3 swimmers and i saw 4 lifeguards around........ I quickly started my swim to warm up and after 2 does not feel cold any more...slowly, more guys in swim trunk came....and guess what....they are not is a sight to see 8-10 guys swim tanning by the pool and only left 2 guys (including me) swimming in the water..... There are swimming lessons for the kids but is conducted at the training pool...unlike other pool like bedok and tampines, i will expect >10 groups of classes in the Olympic pool especially during th weekend..... I kept swimming laps alternating front crawl and breast stroke....i did not swim for a year and swimming is as tough as running a marathon to me now....struggling to get back my form....i was swimming badly and slowly......after completing about 20 laps with lots of break in between, i just rest by the pool for a moment.... now there were 3 swimmers....after 3pm, a group of swim classes came to the olympic pool for training....i had enough and left the water for food at the coffee shop outside the complex before heading home...... as i was whole body are aching....heading for bed soon

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