Tuesday, February 27, 2007

CBD run: Unexpect tempo

My throat was feeling bad today...my ulcer under the tougue was giving me problem but i still need a run today So i rush out of office at 6pm reached and was one of the first few to arrived As time came closer to 7pm, more runners poured in...quite a good turnout today cbdrunMS tigger briefed the route to take: the standard 9km route in marina south I started at the back but slowly caught up with the rest...ended up chatting with alvo for the first 4km My legs was feeling fresh and was feeling restless..... As alvo and myself reached the jetty round-about, a familiar ger was turning around and she was speed monster fennel.... we maintained good distance behind her as we continue out chat until the country club, were feeling warmed up, i started pcikup my pace...the distance from fennel was getting bigger...i accelerate and maintain at a steady speed....cut a few runners like loti and tigger's fren......near the steamboat area, fennel slowed down becos of a motorbike....i managed to caught up and ran pass her.... still feeling good, i maintained my pace until reaching the marina south park....feeling the strain from the fast pace, i decided to stop my unexpected tempo run at the junction at the end of the park as today was the longest continuous run for me for this year, i decided not to push too much At the junction, i slowed down to jogging pace and went at a comfortable cool down pace back to the end point.... After a good cool down adn stretch, we proceed as usual to maxwell market for a good dinner before heading home.... Shoes: Brooks Maximus total distance: 9km total time : 50:03min average pace: 5:34mn/km lap 3.1km - 19:03min@6:09min/km 3.9km - 19:02min@4:53min/km 2.0km - 11:57min@5:59min/km

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