Friday, February 23, 2007

Today is Friday! running is still tough

YES! Is friday! the last "working " day of the week which marks the end of my one week long holiday excluding the weekend. Today is the most free day for me but i got still to run around to shop later. Woke up at still wake up same time as working day anyway, i slept with my running attire so i just popped out of bed and wear my shoes for a run Dunnoe where to go and dun want to do a long one, so i stick to the usual 6.5km loop...wanted to do a slow relax one but i failed.... skfvbk65km running is tough for me least for every start of the run...i have no feel for my limp movement and weight gain for past few days does impact on the stress that my heart has to work after the flat "warm up" legs just pickup speed as my body wanted to clear the slopes asap....and i never slow down again.....finished 3min faster than the last time....but i was panting like a dying dog. shoes: Adidas Adizzero SN total distance: 6.5km total time: 34:22min average pace: 5:17min/km lap: 2.9km - 16:13min@5:36min/km 1.6km - 08:02min@5:01min/km 2.0km - 10:06min@5:03min/km

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