Saturday, February 17, 2007

CNY Eve track workout

Is CNY Eve but running is not off my schedule....decided to take a break from sat MR run since the rest are not available also...then i thought is a good chance to checkout hougang stadium. The track for stadium opens at 4.30am!!! hmmm....anyway, i jogged abt 2.5km from my house to entrance as a warmed up and reached at was the time of the year when the sun rises is still dark but the stadium was full of life!!! Runners already flooded the red rubber track.. Since is a long time ever since i ran on track and wanted to do some form running....i decided to do intervals of 200m with 100m recovery many times, up to feel...dun want to push so much in the end, i took 7x200m with 100m recovery in between...not a bad effort But seems like my adizero SN is a bit too cushioned for the track....maybe if i want to do more track...a new pair of shoes is in consideration 200m -49:62s 100m -37:52s 200m -51:20s 100m -44:52s 200m -48:01s 100m -48:91s 200m -47:33s 100m -55:02s 200m -47:49s 100m -53:90s 200m -47:29s 100m -60:47s 200m -45:25s

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