Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Running Logs

If you Run, Do you keep a record? Many people will think "just run lar, record for wat?". Whether you are running for fitness, for health or for personal achievement, logging your run can be one of your most important part of your running life. I run for fitness and enjoyment. Jeff Galloway has a good article on training log in Runner's World. The training log described in the article is very details which include even your feeling, morning heart rate, goals, details of terrain, weather condition........ So why log? Here are a couple of reasons why I log (may not apply to everyone): 1. To checkout my shoe mileage and see how long I took to retire one shoe. (check shoe durability) 2. Motivation - It is always motivated to look back and see improvement in your timings for the same route. 3. Defensive plan- To check my mileage or intensity constantly and plan to backoff if needed for the next run. 4. Check out mistakes - To check out any mistakes made during my runs that might be the cause of injuries or overtraining or fitness breakdown. Where I keep my logs? I keep them on the web at 2 free web-based running log. Why 2? Because I kiasu!! And also because these 2 running logs has different features which I will use. www.running-log.com - This is my first running log I used on the web. This is UK based and named "The Best Site for Training Logs" by the UK version of Runner's World. (Jan. 2002, pg. 53). The Running log has a simple layout but full of useful features like graphing your mileage, statistics on your past and future mileage, pace and also allows detailed information of your run to be recorded. NikeRunning.com - Although I am not a fan of Nike Running Shoes NOW, but I like this more "high-tech" looking free running log. The layout and GUI is very pro and easy to use. It allows a whole of information for users to enter. The feature I like most is the graphing function which allows users to plot statistics like distance total vs time, pace vs distance. Users can also do filtering on the data for graphings like plot for certain routes, training runs or races only. This running log actually advised you to change your shoe when it exceeded the recommended mileage (should be for Nike Running Shoes). Too bad, My is an Asics, still in good running condition and has already exceed the recommended mileage for Nike shoes by about 196km today. Read the screen capture below for my last log:

Cheers............Run like Forrest Gump 8-)


mis_nomer said...

Hi there! I see you are now listed in the sgrunners blog! :)

I didn't know that you could keep a running log online. I'm an avid log keeper myself, but I do it in an excel file on my hard drive. If I could run as well as I keep records, man, I would be an "real runner" by now! ;)

run to live said...

Hi mis-nomer,

Thanks for dropping by,

I tried keeping in excel in the past until I found this sites actually...I like the graphing functions which can shows the data in a more readable way....


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