Monday, July 25, 2005

New Balance REAL Run 2005 Preview

I have registered for New Balance REAL Run 2005. This is my second joining REAL Run. Few major changes from Last Year: 1. NIKE REAL Run -> New Balance REAL Run 2. ~3km sand -> 1.6km sand 3. more expensive +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Yesterday morning, I decided to try out the route for this year. I went down with 2 friends and met up with the runners from Sgrunners. As per previous REAL Run, we get to try new shoes from the sponsor (New Balance). Lazy clean my sandy shoe as per last year, I decided to try out one of the new shoes which I have been exploring on the web: New Balance M754. This shoe is a editor's choice from Runner's world. So I dun expect to face any problem during my run. <= putting on the new trial shoe The Run started out on time at about 8am. I decided to pace my friend with a moderate pace as this is the first time my friend ran on this route especially the sand part. We hit 5km at about 30:39, which is a very good 6min/km pace. My friend did struggled with the sand for the start but was able to get better as we run along. Today's running condition is too perfect: cool weather, high clouds with no Sun, clear sand, low tide. Maybe we are running a bit faster than what we usually did at macritchie, my friend started to struggle mentally after the sand portion. However, we managed to complete the route in exactly an hour which is a very very good timing as we are able to stay consistent 6min/km for 10km.

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ The sand is too perfect for a run on the beach today. I came back with a very clean new shoes. Some thoughts on the shoes I tried:

  1. The knotty lace is very interesting. I think it helps to prevent knots from coming off.
  2. The upper mesh is very nice.
  3. The weight is OK.
  4. Surprisingly, I only need to run abt 1km to break-in.
  5. As I am not a heel-striker but a midfoot runner, The forefoot cushioning is more important to me than the heel cushioning. The forefoot cusioning is a bit too firm for me (mentioned in Runner's world review). Not so flexible in front compared to my ASICS CUMULUS VI.
  6. The transition from landing to toes off is not as smooth as my ASICS

I guess I will stick to my old ASICS for now +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ After the run, we did a quick washup and meetup with the Sgrunners at Harbourfront MacD. The table we sitting are too long and we are sitting at on end of the table. We are able to only interact with the people at our side. However, we need to leave the gathering for queensway, we did not managed to mix around more with the rest, especially TLR, Fd, DO, penguin, brokenrunner, cyberkinetic, Renohtaram, balasing etc time perhaps Cheers.........Run forever


Muggs said...

We should do this again!! Meet, run and eat!

penguin said...

hihi...great to have met u!!
hope to see u guys again soon ;)


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