Sunday, July 31, 2005

Sgrunners' Run: East Coast Half Marathon

This morning, when everyone was still in bed, some of the Sgrunners made out way to the East Coast park for our 2nd gathering. This time, we targetted to run half Marathon (21km) end to end at east coast. The Route: 1. Starts at lifeguard house near MacD running towards Ford Road End (3km) 2. U-turn and run in the east direction until the entrance of the National Service Country Club and Resort (10.5km) 3. U-turn and back West towards out start point (7.5km) Before the Run: LonelyRunner was kindly enough this morning to pickup Carine, Balasing and myself at Bedok MRT and drive us down to East Coast. We arrived at about 7.10am. We waited and came penguin on his IRONHORSE and also BrokenRunner. Kay arrived last and we proceeded with a slow run towards Ford Road End. The Run:

<= The one who started except LonelyRunner who is taking this picture.

We started with a good slow comfortable chit-chat pace towards Ford Road, U-turn and back to where we started. Penguin decided do her transition to bike and left us after about 6km.

The weather was very good this morning as we continue Eastwards. Balasing decided to loop at the lagoon and U-turn back to MacD first. We were left with 5. Kay was doing well today although he did a 9.5km macritchie trail run the morning before. After Bedok jetty, he decided to left us.

We reached near carpark F2 before gentle greeted us and joind us towards the east end. We reached the sailing centre at a very comfortable pace and started to venture into new running path. The new running path is very scenery but a bit of hot at this time as the Sun finally came out of the clouds and the trees along the way could not shelter us from the Sun energy.

As we were running happily beside the golf course, we were surprised to see penguin waiting for us along the way:

<= penguin and her IRONHORSE waiting for us.

Penguin followed us behind (safety escort) from this point onwards. We reached our U-turn point comfortably but I started to feel a bit of strain (probably due to my last 2 days runs). Also started to feel the stress from the sun heat, I started to drink more frequently from here.

Before we reached lagoon food centre, gentle left the 4 of us running and penguin on her IRONHORSE.

<= left to right: Myself, gentle, Broken Runner and Carine. LonelyRunner shooting this photo and Penguin escorting behind.

After gentle left us, Kay was running just in front of us and we joined up again at the Lagoon and continued towards the end point at a steady pace.

4 of us finally finished up our half marathon after about 2hrs 12min. A very good timing considered we were chitchatting for the first 2/3 of the run. For the rest of the runners who joined and did not run the full distance with us, it is a great achievement as well. The most important is to enjoy the ourselves......Good job guys!! and also the 3 ladies!!

<= After the Run before we proceeded to MacD for our "evil" breakfast.

<= This one with our mobile photographer, TLR on the extreme right

After the Run:

We went to MacD again!! Yes, to replenish our energy loss before we headed home for the rest of the sunny Sunday.

Cheers............"The most difficult thing for a morning runner is to get our ass out of our bed. But once you step out of the door, your morning run is half done."

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