Sunday, July 03, 2005

My First Race in 2005: MILK Run 2005

This is my first running race in 2005 and my 3rd Race of this year. My previous 2 races are X-physique (adventure race) and Legs and paddles (kayak 2.5km, Run 5km). Back to MILK Run: This is the first time i joined this charity run for the youth. Previous 3 years was called the streetwise run. I met up with Patrick Lim and his gf (first time he declared) and also Weishan (my usual race team mate and running kaki). The whole route was 10km starting and end at Zouk. The route run down along Singapore River going thru Clark quay, boat quay, queen elizabeth walk, esplanade, kallang river side park, U-turn and back along singapore river and back to Zouk. Today's weather was pretty hot and i arrived quite early to check out the place but i was sweaty badly even before the run while waiting for my friends. The run start on time at 330pm. For the start, I was as usual trying to squeeze thru crowd and get a good position for my pace....the route along singapore river is quite narrow and we were hit by the dragon boat race under the sheares bridge. The crowd was causing the path to get very narrow. I was feeling good for the first half even though i was running pretty fast. But after the U-turn, I started to feel the strain from my fast pace. I started to get stomach cramps...i slowed down a bit while the drizzle started...I was hoping the rain gets bigger to cool the heat. I endured all the way and completed in 48 min 39 sec. A personal record for 10km. Cheers.........

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