Tuesday, March 09, 2010

F1 EQ Nature Run 10km route Recce

It was raining at 5.30PM when I left office, on my way to get some fresh air from the forest......The recent haze is terrible and My throat is feeling uneasy for days....Miss last sat run due to swollen tongue and I thought today will be a good day to force myself to get in there again....

The weather looks threatening but turns out wellbefore start..Started at 6.30pm, I estimated that will not be able to finish the whole loop before dark fall so I decided to try out the F1 Eq Nature Run 10km Route...that is to head out to Lornie road before night falls.

Saw the new Mushroom Cafe at the Amenities Centre...price is reasonable.....try next time

This is my 5th Run in the Trail using my FiveFingers...so far so good...running in Trail is more exciting than the road because of the feet massage by the pebbles and the rocks.....just minutes into the run....strange sound started.....screaming of mating insects and animals.....does made the whole surrounding eerie...the whole forest suddenly felt like it came to life...............

Reach Ranger Station and the sky still bright...took reasonable time and feeling great to go.....still encountered 2-3 runners at this late night and saw this 2 Ang Mos Twice which means they ran more than One Loop.

At the golf course, everything was quiet and peaceful....the last trail over the small hill was dark by the time I entered and luckily, I brought a torch to show the path....over the hill and instead of doing the usual trail along the MR25 trial route, I scrambled out to Lornie road and ran under the street lights till the start point of the Run.

77min...reasonable, comfortable and refreshing run.......Other than the Sat must go, maybe I should go there once on weekdays as well

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