Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Singapore Running Event 2010: 2XU Compression 12km Run @ Sentosa

The number of running events in Singapore has exploded over the past 2 years....from the very handful few(can be count using fingers on one hand ) that happened only on the second half of the years to until this year.....almost every consecutive weekend or alternate weekend, you can find a running event be it a proper race or a charity run.

Race Fee has also increased so I have to be very selective in choosing which event to sign up.

The very first event that I took part is actually a charity event for the dogs. OK, someone signed me up so I just went to walk walk see see.

The next upcoming which will be the first proper running event is the 2XU Compression 12km Run @ Sentosa on 11 April 2010

The reason for signing up this race is because this is the first race in Sentosa after the IR has completed. The last race is the New Balance Real Run which has stopped and shifted to another location due to the construction of the IR.
The event gift is also very attractive.

It will be a refreshing experience to run in Snetosa again.....


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