Friday, August 05, 2005

Mizuno Wave Run 2005


Today is the first day of registration and I am the Kiasu one. I have registered at Toa Payoh World of Sports during lunch. My tag no is 1401.

I guess i am the first one to register there. 10km competitive for Men is $15. This year route is the same as last year. Got 3 water points compared to last year 1. This year event Tee is Mizuno DryScience tee which costed $39.90. (Wah! don't run also can. Take it as buying the t-shirt at 60% discount) ****************************************************** Last year: Terrible race. Quite badly organised. Can see that they are first timer in organising this events. No restroom available and we got to squeeze at the small hawker centre toilets. Water points are poorly manned as not enough manpower to open the bottles, we runners have to do it ourselves. Worst of all, there is no control of the traffic. I pity the 2 traffic policemen trying to calm the traffic down at junctions. Anyway, hopefully all these can improve this year. Terrible run also, I did quite badly last year mainly because I was quite busy with my job. Din train properly, started too fast and kana stitches at half way point so i was jogging and walking after 5km...but was quite surprised i can still come in below an hour......i think is about 58min. Hopefully, this year will do better....... Cheers................Run Forest Run.......

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