Tuesday, August 30, 2005

New Balance REAL Run 2005

I know I am a bit late to blog about this as I was quite busy for the past few days. This is my 2nd Running event of this year. Not a fruitful one in terms of performance which I do not care. Maybe next time I should call this Taz's run for bonchitis!! The reason is last year I ran REAL Run 3 weeks after I recovered from Bonchitis and this year I ran when I have not fully recovered from Bonchitis! Hopefully, I can run with no illness next year. As I have not recovered, I decided to see how much I can tahan without stopping, I decided to run with my RED Adidas Water bottle as I know I will need water anything along the way. I tumpang The LonelyRunner's car that morning to Sentosa and we arrived at about 7.15am. Lucky to managed and find a parking space at the visitor centre. But to my Surprised, My friend even more Kiasu cos she was there at abt 7am! RESPECT! Anyway, we waited until about 8.30am before we moved over to the startpoint as one of our friend arrived late. We walked over to the start point and blur blur look look, there goes the starting horn....we were lost what is it as we just follow the crowd towards the starting line and started our run....i expect to pace this run easy on me compared to the last due to my condition...I hope to follow my friend to the end so we paced each other along the way. The first 5km was on the road and was easy on us. The only thing was the crowd as per normal running events, we overtook a lot of people who are just jogging or strolling. We hit 5km at about 30min which is very good and comfortable. Started on the first stretch on the sand. I was feeling great...I guess because we conserved our energy during the first half of the run. My friend felt leg jelly after the end of the first sand stretch so we slowed down for recovery. The second stretch of sand came and I was still feeling OK with the sand... This year seems to be much easier than last year. Anyway, the sand was cut by half compared to last year so the rest of the route are quite simple and direct. However, once we started to get into the jungle after RASA Sentosa, I began to feel my legs weakening, may be due to the upslope.....after crossing 9km, I really really cannot take it as I cannot purge out my phelgm....I let go of my friend and I stopped to clear my throat before carry on the rest of the 1km finish.

I sprinted to the finish and vomitted after the finishing line......but i felt great after vomitting.

I went over to collect my goodie bag and to my surprised! No crowd or long queue, this year organisation has improved so much...GOt a L size which is actually a bit big for me...but due to my large frame...i still look OK with it except a bit baggy....

After that went over to Harbourfront food court with 7 other friends and have a good chat.....and now...rest for the rest of the week for my IPPT this sat and Mizuno Wave Run this Sunday..

Want to see some photos? Look Here

Cheers........Run with your hearts and not your legs

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