Thursday, August 18, 2005

Runner's World Sept 05 issue

Yes Baby!!! This latest issue of Runner's World is in my hand now! So you might wonder what so special about this. The special thing is I did not buy it, I got it borrowed from Bedok National Library!!! I must say our national libraries are not bad. They actual got updated magazines from the store. Anyway, I was feeling bored after about 3 weeks of no running. Virus and bacteria are still fighting in my body.To get back some inspiration, I decided to visit the library to try my luck and see if i can get any interesting magazines or books...and to my surprise, I got THIS!!! Anyway, back to the magazine in my hands, just had a flip thru and saw some interesting stuff...... How to get Easy energy from our daily food The New Training Model And also Running Shoes reviews which can be found at Runner's World online HERE. Anyway, I am not going to elaborate more details....If you are interested, either you buy it or wait for me to return to the library in 3 weeks time. I also managed to borrow the Feb 05 issue of Runner's World at the same time. Refer to next blog entry. Cheers.................Run Happy

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Eesti said...

Why is it that every issue of Runners World seems to have some hot babe on the cover, at least 1 article on how to drop five pounds, and another article along the lines of "energize your workouts?" I have a current subscription which I got free with some airline miles, but I'm not sure I'd spend my own money to subscribe. I do enjoy the feature stories they'll do from time to time on prominent distance runners.


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