Sunday, August 21, 2005

New Balance REAL Run Prelude

Went to collect the Race Pack for New Balance REAL Run yesterday morning. Before that, I also met up with 5 more friends and 3 of them used my credit card to get the 15% discount for StandChart Marathon registration. After that, we went over to WOS and 3 of them went to sign up for Mizuno Wave Run. Quite impressed by the DryScience Material we are getting from this year Wave Run. After the REAL Run Prelude, we went to Safra for one of my friend to sign up the Sheares Bridge Run & Army Half Marathon. We saw this year event Tee for AHM and I was SHOCKED!! They actually used last year Logo again? Few months back, they send an email saying that they are having a competition for us to design this year Event Tee. So where are all the designs? Anyway, what the heck! $12 for a Dri-fit Tee...Damn cheap already! Back to the Race Pack Collection, My number this year is M0516 As usual, the race pack only consists of the number tag and also the race chip. Quite a good Prelude, New Balance setup a big booth to promote their shoes M754. They are also offering 50% on their products. At scheduled time, they also offered free podiatry consultation for participants. I got the a pair of New Balance Coolmax Socks. It came with a pack of 2 selling at $10 so I got 1 pair and my friend got the other. This looks similar to the mini-quarter one I having currently but it is actually thinner, and this time, it is a quarter. Another interesting popular booth is POLAR. They are promoting their multi-function high-tech watches. They also launching their new model there. They also offer fitness, lactose treshold and VO2 MAX level analysis. Very good Prelude I would said........Hope the coming SHR&AHM race expo will be better... Cheers......................

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