Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Running a marathon? Read This


  1. Keep to you normal balanced meals the days prior to the race. Protein, carbo-hydrate & fat are all necessary for a balanced metabolism in the marathon race.
  2. Eat up to 8oz. of honey supplementary to your normal meals the two days prior to the race.
  3. Finish eating about three hours before the start.
  4. Eat a light breakfast preferably of cereals, honey and toast with tea or coffee.
  5. Have good fitting clothes and shoes that will not chafe and are suitable for the conditions on the day.
  6. Use lubricant (olive oil, lanolin) under arms and crotch.
  7. When putting on your shoes, force your heels hard into the backs of the shoes before lacing firmly, but not to tight. To stop foot movement inside the shoes that leads to blistering.
  8. Do not run much before the start. Save your energy.
  9. Stretch and loosen a little.
  10. Start well within your capabilities and warm up to the run as you go. Hold yourself in check. It will pay off later.
  11. Do not exaggerate your knee lift. From the start, try to relax and not lift the knees higher than necessary to save the muscles lift the legs.
  12. Ignore the other runners. Run at efforts that suit you.
  13. Prepare electrolyte drinks for a hot day. Make the mixture weaker than directed. Add some honey.
  14. Do not take salt tablets.
  15. Drink water and electrolyte drinks throughout the race on a hot day. A glass just prior to the start can help.
  16. Keep your body wet. Sponging is the best insurance against dehydration and high body temperatures.
  17. Do not surge in the race and waste energy.
  18. Do not use anti-perspirants.

Extracted from This article is from Arthur Lydiard's Athletic Training by Arthur Lydiard, A Guide to the Brooks / American Track & Field, Lydiard Running Lecture Tour in 1999

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