Saturday, August 06, 2005

History of my Running Shoes

Someone posted an interesting post in Sgrunner's forum : "What was your first pair of running shoes?" This triggered me to think back all the running shoes I have wore. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ NIKE Air Huarache I think remember my very first proper running shoes was NIKE Air Huarrache. At that time, this was considered one of the most advanced hi-tech shoe. It was also one of the first in the market with mono-tougue, which enable user to slipped-on like a socks (actually best for triathlon transition). My first buy was of the wrong size. UnFortunately or rather fortunately, I lost it within a month and I emptied my piggy bank and got myself a 2nd pair with the right size. This shoe lasted me 3 years of running and 2 more years of kayaking, camping and other misc activities. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ NIKE Air Max Triax This is the most disappointed running shoe that I brought. The exposed air for my left feet went flat after 3-4mth of usage. My right went flat also few months later. My mileage at that time was not as much as now as I was then a middle distance runner. From then on, I never take a second look at Nike shoe with exposed Air cushion. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ASICS Gel 123 This was one of my all time favourite. The cushioning is superb. I have it with me for about 4-5 years. Its a pity I cannot get a picture of this shoe But something unique is that the nunber "123" is printed on the midsole at the outer heel side. If I am not wrong, this was one of the Runner's World shoe of the year at that era. The one you see in the photo here is not the actual colour I have, this is the closest I can find from the web. My Shoe was Navy Blue in colour. If anyone got the photo of it, please inform me. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ASICS GEl ?? (mono-tougue) Cannot remember and din bother at time to check what model is this. But my friend told me that this is ASICS one and only model with the mono-tougue. When I saw this, It reminded me of my mono-tougued NIKE Air Huarache. Plus this is ASICS so I got it without much thinking. Lasted me for 2-3 years before I retired it for water sports and got my next shoe. If anyone can remember this ASICS model with mono-tougue, please inform me. I cannot find any old ASICS shoes data on the web. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ NIKE Air Huarache

Yes, the first question you would ask when You see this Photo is "Isn't this the same as your first shoe?" Indeed, This is exactly the same model as the first Nike Air Huarache. I got this exactly 10 years After I got my first one.

I was looking for a running shoe at Jurong Point Sportslink one day when I was shocked to see this on the shelf selling for $40!!! More than 50% less than my first pair (though this colour really sucks). Without thinking, I pickup my size and went for the cashier. The feeling is exactly the same but the make is definitely worse off than old model. It got wore out faster, I used it for about 1-2 years and stopped for some reason. After 6 mths of no wearing, the rubber/silicon support for the heel just dried up and broke. I used this for water sports after that.

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Fila Racer Plus Mesh

Got this shoe out of desperation for Adventure Quest 2003. I got no proper shoe for the race and decided to get a cheap light running shoe. Could not find a proper one and end up choosing this very light racer with very firm or no cushion.

Used this to run NIKE Real Run at Sentosa and kana leg pain for a week.

This shoe is still around and I wonder when I will bring it out for a run again.


Cheers......"A small investment in a proper shoe will keep your feet happy"

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