Saturday, September 21, 2013

New Toy in the House: Princeton Tec EOS Headlamp

Looking for a headlamp that is not heavy, not complicated, not expensive and bright enough for decent night running. Scrambled through the internet and found a few choices will meet my needs and zoom down to the following 3:
1) Black Diamond Storm 100 Lumens 110g IPX7 4xAAA
   - Popular choice as I talked to a few runners.
   - Many reviews can be found online
   - Regulated light
   - Hong Kong Lantau Basecamp selling HKD$499
   - 4 batteries means bigger and heavier than other 2 choices
   - Many controls but can be confusing
   - Cheapest I found on amazon is USD$40.30

2) LED Lenser Seo5 180 Lumens 105g IPX6 3xAAA
   - Difficult to find detailed reviews online.
   - No information if light is regulated.
   - Most powerful among the 3 choices
   - Many useful functions but controls can be quite confusing
   - Ability to dim from Max brightness to minimum
   - Ability to Change Focus from flood to Spot
   - Water Proof not as good as other 2 choices
   - Saw a local Shop selling at SGD$120
   - Cheapest I found on amazon is USD$42.84

3) Princeton Tec EOS 80 Lumens 105g IPX7 3xAAA
   - Many reviews can be found online
   -Weakest among the 3 choices but reviews are all good in terms of light quality and durability
   - Regulated light
   - Simple control with only 4 clicks
   - Hong Kong Racingtheplanet retail at USD$51
   - Cheapest I found on amazon is USD$30.14  

Here is a good Black Diamond Storm Review with comparison between BD Storm and Princeton TEC EOS

Finally, I have decided to get Princeton Tec EOS because
1) I am just doing 50km and does not need to run through the night
2) low usage...does not need to get very good light
3) Simple controls
4) cheapest for value

If i ever going to run a 100km through the night, I may consider getting the powerful Led Lenser Seo5

Light output : 80 lumens
Led : Maxbright LED
Burn time : up to 121 hours - Regulated on High 1h, Mid 10h, Low 50h
Power supply : 3 AAA batteries; alkali or lithium type
Water tightness : IPX7 (this means that you can swim but not too long).
Weight : 105g including batteries

I ordered though and ship to comgateway to get it re-ship to Singapore. I turn on the trial for Amazon Prime and managed to get it shipped to comgateway in 2 days. Comgateway upgraded my shipping to express for free and got it to my house in another 5 days. Wow...took only 7 days to reach my home.

The shipping package:

The actual headlamp packaging in front:

Back of the packaging:

Got all the items out from the package:

The back of the headlamp:

Built-in tool to unscrew the battery compartment:

The battery compartment:

All batteries in:

On the head, the adjustable elastic band is comfortable and the headlamp does not bounce much when i shake my head of jump on spot:

The headlamp...night trail run anyone?

Other Reviews on the Web:

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