Sunday, September 08, 2013

Hike in Hong Kong; Lantau section 1 to 3 Overview

Lantau Trail Section 1 to 3

Took an opportunity on cheap flight tickets to have a quick weekend getaway to Hong Kong. Unlike the usual eat and shop, I decided to venture out of the city to a popular outlying island, Lantau.

Lantau has many attractions like the Interntional Airport itself, Citygate Outlets at Tung Chung Town, Ngong Ping Village, Po Lin Monastery and the Tian Tan Big Buddha. Lantau has many hiking trail and the most significant is a 70km Lantau trail which is divided into 12 sections. More details on Lantau Main Trail can be found at hkwalkers.

I decided to attempt Lantau Trail Section 1 to 3 where 2 and 3 are the toughest, having to go up Hong Kong 3rd highest peak, Sunset Peak(869m) on section 2 and Hong Kong 2nd highest peak, Lantau Peak(934) on section 3.

The whole journey took about 9 hours because the whole journey are majority on man-made big stoned steps in a wet and misty weather. Rain comes and goes and was stuck in a thunderstorm at Lantau Peak for 40min before making a long and tough descend of 1.5km in 90min.

The biggest regret of the trip is that I did not manged to take much scenery photos because of the heavy mist and missed taking any photos on Lantau Peak because of the heavy thunderstorm. But I managed to capture photos along the way, geo-tagged and together with GPS tracking the route, created the above trip in Zoom in and you can see the photos taken along the way at their respective location.

I should divide my blog entries into 3 sections in my upcoming postings....meanwhile, enjoy the photos above.

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