Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Hike In Hong Kong: Lantau Trail Section 3

Went down to the main road and cross over we reached a BBQ site with a public toilet to relieve ourselves:

Pak Kong Au in Chinese...the trail above this is the start of Section 3 up Lantau Peak...The highest on Lantau and second highest in Hong Kong :

More steps to climb:

memorial plaque for a heli accident:

weather doesn't look good:

The mist got heavier and heavier as we climb:

direction and distance:

The only Shelter along the way...a good place to take a break:

We are close to the peak but not there yet....still need to climb more:

As we getting closer, the path get steps:

Reached the peak and thunderstorm came...heavy rain came and we got to hide in the storm shelter at the peak. This is what we saw...the left is heavy storm cloud moving to the right and the right is another storm cloud moving to the left....both meet and great thunderstorm:

We dashed out and descend and the sky was cleared a 10min for us to take some nice photos...we can see big buddha from here...still very far away:

The reservoir and the beautiful mountain ridges:

The mountain ranges is impressive:

The beaches and South China Sea:

At a secondary peak...descending just started:

Finallly reached Wisdom path after 90min of descend...the rain came....:

End of Section 3 at the Wisdom path:

Reached Big Buddha finally and it was raining heavily:

Hope to go again and try out other section of Lantau.....................

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