Sunday, September 15, 2013

Hike in Hong Kong: Lantau Trail Section 2

At Nam Shan, There are many trails the goes through this place. So It is important to find the directional sign that points to the one you want to go.

This one is not to Lantau Trail Section 2:

This is the right one pointing to Pak Kong Au  though Section 2:

This is not the right one:

This is the right one...Tai Tung Shan is where we are going pass as well:

The left is the route to South Lantau Road and going up the stairs is the right way:

The stone steps at the start of Section 2:

Reached a Helipad for emergency and rescue:

There are rubbish bin until this point:

Directional and distance information:

Stone steps..irregular and some are quite high:

As we broke out of the canopy, we are able to see some scenery:

Low scrubs and still stone steps to climb:

It get more misty as we climb:

small waterfall:

Met 2 Ladies coming down in opposite direction:

Very scenery at all...just stone steps:

and more stone steps and rocks:

Danger warning:

We thought we are near the top...we only see low lying grasses and can see some peaks: 

We are not there yet and the mist got heavier:

Reached a distance post...the mist comes and go...:

Misty island....wet and slippery rocks:

This is the branch off to another trail...we are quite near the top:

Checking the distance:

Reached one of the many lengendary chalets on Yi Tung Shan:

Very misty up here and we can hardly see anything:

Cannot see the peak in front:

The mist clear up for a while and see can see more chalets:

We are not alone up here...met quite a few groups of hikers:

Starting to descend....the route does not go up Sunset Peak but goes just below the peak...The path to the peak is not indicated and there are no directional signs so decided not to take the risk:

The path get steps at some point:

Skirting the side of Sunset Peak:

Start of descend:

Beautiful hills:

The descend on the stone steps is brutal:

Finally reached the end of Lantau Trail Section 2 at Pak Kong Au just down beyond the fences:

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