Saturday, September 27, 2008

Migraine SAT... in the Formula One weekend

I decided to rest for my has being a difficult exercise and work load and pressure built up with no channel to release....running is my release channel.....lucky workdays lasted for 5 days......friday nite started to get migraine......sat morning woke up still not well...popped 2 panandol and slept the whole sat afternoon before I got better in the evening...

Since I got better...and I was in Bugis hearing all the zoom zoom sound....i decided to head towards the zoom zoom place and found a nice place for this:

YES! I watched F1 free.....i watched most of the 20 machines zoom past before I left the place with the experience of the zoom zoom of the engine and the speed of the machines....Formula One first night Race in a dream of some Singaporean just like the Olympic dream for China

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