Friday, March 21, 2008

Virgin Run for my little RED shoes


I got this shoes last was only after 3 months collecting dust int eh cupboard that today, on good friday 2008 that I have a chance to arrange a last minute run for its virgin ride

As both of us got something on after the run, we aimed to start the run at 7am and leave the place by 9am......JC woke up when I sms we went off 10min late.

It has been 3 mths ever since my last visit to MR, I still remember one piece of my outsole came out from my adizero SN after I finished one round walked with The ultramarathon women during last year MR25 Ultramarathon....finally, I am back again

The new shoes is 1 size larger than my black fact, it is the correct size for long is always nice to be back to the trail in the morning, the air is fresh and cooling...although we did not run for a long time here, we do not feel so tired...although our legs did complaints with the it has been raining for past few days, the trail is still damp and slippery at some part

We reached ranger station in about 28min...a very nice pace....have a 2min drink and toilet break, we set off again...the closure landslide portion reopened...they have repaired the area after 2 years....planted grass and built more drains and cleared the trail for easier walking and running.....

I was still able to struggle to talk during the reached the jialat hill after the golf course in a good steady time...we whack it...ran thru it without stopping and we made it.....the last MR25 time trail route became easier...although the upslopes did push our heartrate up a bit....we managed to maintain a good pace.....

(The route on the map is an estimated plot so the distance is not very correct...that is the best I can do without the GPS)

we searched and found the npark 10km marking and end there in 1hr 7:20min....a good timing for a least I lasted the whole run without my water bottle this time.......have a quick cool down and washup, we headed back home

I will be back my favourite running ground

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