Friday, March 14, 2008

Green Magma - saving the stomach

My health for the whole of last year was ruin by my sensitive nose and throat....i have seen the doc many many times and in the end, it always boils down to the TCM physician at Bedok Reservoir...She mentioned that the root cause of my problem is not where the problem lies but is in my digestion system which is upside down...This is very true as I always has gases (OK i fart and Blurb)...especially during the time when I was sick....

SO everytime, my illness will only cure after the chinese physician give me detox pills to clear my food in my digestion system that I will get well...but the cycles repeat for the whole year...

It came to me one week that due to some circumstances that I have to "turn vegetarian" for a meat at all....that I felt light and more energetic....thereafter, I returned to my meat diet but cutting down on the red meat...but...still cannot resist the temptation of char kway tiao and fried carrot cakes...fried chicken and good MacD fries....


I happened to read about this food supplement called Green Magma from scott jurek and barefootted's site....reading in some forums and other users to find out that this is actually good for digestion, especially for people who eat meat....every for vegetarian like scott jurek, it is very useful. You can read it in interview with scott jurek that he mentioned

I do also drink things like wheat grass and barley grass juice—especially when I'm traveling and can't get fresh wheat grass juice, I drink this product called Green Magma. That's kind of been my whole foods/vitamin-in-a-glass type of thing. It's just a really potent source of vitamins and minerals. I don't really get into a lot of fancy supplementation. I just try to get [the necessary nutrients] through just real whole foods.

I decided to give it a try....I happened to find an advertisement on newspaper that it is available in I went around and happened to find it at Watson....however, looking at the price...hmmmm....the 5.3oz powdered bottle selling for about $70 and 250 tabs bottle selling for about $60......I saw it again at OG albert....they are selling the powdered bottle at same price but selling two bottles of 250 tabs for $100

So I decided to check out the price in the going to whole list is out having many different prices from different vendors......So I decided to give it a try....I ordered one 5.3oz bottle and one 250 tabs bottle and sent back using I only spent $84 including the $25 delivery from states back to Singapore and I saved > $40....

I decided to try taking the tablets 6 in the morning.....first day nothing happened...but on second day, after taking the 6 tabs.....I went toilet at least 6-7 times for the whole day....YES...detox took place...output was much softer than before...but after that, I continued until today, I do not feel any more gases in my stomach again!!!

I went China during CNY and faithfully took the tablets twice a day...6 in morning and 6 at nite...luckily, because of this, my stomach was able to tahan the oily food relatives who went with me suffered diarrhea because of the cold weather.....

I just finished my first bottle of 250 tabs...taking the powder now while I wait for my second order of 4 bottles from amazon again......this time, I going to save for more 50% of the selling price in Singapore


Hopefully, with my one major problem solve, I will have more motivation and continue running with good health again


Anonymous said...

You are such an ignoramus. Hence advertising companies and marketing products to people like you is easy.

Common sense - eat natural foods, stay off the junk and you don't need all this crap!

Wake up!!!

Then you would see your timings improve much better!

run to live said...

whoever you are...thanks for visiting my blog.

being stayed anonymous does not mean you are smart and intelligent

I wanted to junk this post but I think this has inspired me to take more junk and craps.

We need to create job for the advertising and marketing guys if not there will be more junk pple on the street....

btw, if i dun wake up, I cannot write this in my sleep....

if timing is all I care about running, I am probably be running for $$$.

feel free to share your thoughts long as it is not porn, politics or religion related

is good to see such junk blog being read by and taken notice of.

cheers....have a junk day


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