Saturday, March 15, 2008

LDI - a difficult to motivate run

It has been raining long for the first half of the week. It is even a record low temperature of 21+ degree report for thurs a result, I only managed to squeeze in one morning run before the rain came during the weekday..not even a chance to dip in the pool....Finally, it was bright and sunny yesterday and we know that it will continue till the moment I am typing this post.....So this morning, I am determined to squeeze in another run

Went to a wedding dinner last nite and ate several big prawns cos the table people simply dun eat much....a few of them dun eat at all....slept a bit late...I set the alarm at 7am and only managed to wake up at 7:55am!! But, I still change and head out to the road.....

Dunnoe what t do...trying to find back the motivation to clock some I decided to head for punggol to enjoy the bright beautiful sun....running 6km is already very stressful, So I decided to do what I do best in the past, 8/2 run/walk....wanted to run slow but in the end, my gear spoilt and went out quite it became Long Distance Intervals.

The run ended well although I am totally exhausted....1hrs 4min for a 10km...not bad for someone who restart from ground old and dying adizero threatening to talk to me soon...

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